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Registration opens in August

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Who it's for

This training is for client-facing team members who manage accounts and projects.

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Why it matters

Client expectations of agencies have spiked. They want stronger leadership, deeper strategic thinking, more integrated activation, and tangible business impact – agency account managers are the linchpin.

How it works

This certification training program now has 3 levels to choose from: Mastering Client & Project Leadership, Mastering Client Business Strategy, and Mastering Organic Growth. Each level has 4 live remote sessions of 90 minutes or more.

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Now three levels of account mastery certification


Mastering Client & Project Leadership

The new skills now required to more effectively lead clients, manage the agency’s resources, and deliver high-value work.

Mastering Client & Project Leadership

The New Role of Account Leadership

Mastering Client & Project Leadership

Effective Project & Client Management

Mastering Client & Project Leadership

Business Writing for Client Management

Mastering Client & Project Leadership

Manage Project Scope & Profitability

Coming Back November 2024

Mastering Client Business Strategy

The new skills now required to increase the agency’s value by more effectively addressing each client’s most pressing business needs.

Mastering Client Business Strategy

Master Client Business Analysis

Mastering Client Business Strategy

Faster Research for Bigger Strategic Insight

Mastering Client Business Strategy

Write More Effective Strategy Briefs

Mastering Client Business Strategy

Journey Modeling for Strategic Development

Coming Back November 2024

Mastering Organic Growth

Our most advanced training that will have your teams more assertively capturing a greater share of each client’s spend.

Mastering Organic Growth

Diagnostic Client Business Strategy

Mastering Organic Growth

Develop Business-Building Ideas Clients Will Buy

Mastering Organic Growth

Present Those Ideas So Clients Will Sign Off

Mastering Organic Growth

Write Assertive Organic Growth Plans

Coming Back November 2024

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Past Mirren Account Mastery attendees have included

Meet your instructors

Brent Hodgins Managing Director, Mirren About
Laura Matthews Director, Agency Growth Strategy, Mirren About
Sharon Honjiyo Director, Agency Growth Strategy, Mirren About
Brent Hodgins

Brent is the Managing Director at Mirren and specializes in training agency teams how to master client leadership, strategy, organic growth and new business. Ultimately, the goal is to have agencies become indispsensable strategic partners with their clients.

 He can also be heard encouraging agency teams to be careful of submissively bowing down to clients. “As soon as you put the client up on a pedestal, you lower your position in their mind. It’s a downward spiral from there. If you bring a high level of expertise to the table, then take a stand and command the respect you deserve – as a peer.”

 Brent began his career in account management at Leo Burnett, where he worked on Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s. Later at TBWA, he ran the digital group in New York, before moving into new business at Wieden + Kennedy.

After 10 years in New York, Mirren moved its offices to Seattle. Brent resides in the Ballard area with his wife and son.

Laura Matthews

Laura is Director of Agency Growth Strategy at Mirren. She brings experience across a range of industries and agencies (digital, full service, PR) – giving her a well-rounded perspective in her training.

 At Mirren, Laura trains agency teams on client retention, growth, strategy, and new business. In particular, she believes agencies need to lean in more with their clients. “Too often, agencies limit themselves to a vendor role where they’re seen as order takers. The most successful agencies make the effort to deeply understand their clients’ categories and bottom-line goals, and deliver work that is clearly positioned to impact those goals.”

 Laura spent nearly six years with VMLY&R, where she led work for Bridgestone, Tennessee Tourism, and Intel, among other brands.

 Originally from South Carolina, Laura moved to Seattle in 2019 after spending a decade in Nashville, TN.

Sharon Honjiyo

Sharon is Director of Agency Growth Strategy at Mirren. She brings senior experience for the agency and client-side. As head of brand marketing at Holland America, she ran their agency rosters and competitive reviews. In her agency tenure, she ran accounts, strategy and new business pitches. All combined, this brings tremendous insight to her training. 

At Mirren, she empowers agency teams to become more proactive and strategic business partners. In fact, she believes there are many untapped revenue opportunities for agencies. “As a client, I regularly experienced my agencies missing many of our strategic needs that would have resulted in significant additional work.”

Sharon led account management and strategy at a number of agencies, including DDB, HL2 and Hornall Anderson Design. Prior to joining Mirren, she ran the brand marketing team at Holland America, a premium cruise line within Carnival Corporation – the world’s largest leisure travel company. 

Originally from San Francisco, Sharon currently lives in Seattle with her husband

About Mirren

Mirren is a training firm that specializes in providing agency teams with the skills to capture a greater share of each client’s spend. Our team has experience client-side and at agencies that include Wieden + Kennedy, TBWA and VMLY&R.

We provide the new methods, models and tools to have agency teams more effectively lead clients, become indispensable partners, generate organic growth, and win more new business.

In addition to this training series, we provide Custom Training for agency teams and produce Mirren Live, the annual event focused on agency industry innovation and creativity.